DEV 45

I’ve optimzed SSAO, especially about the samples. Before, you had the these “staircase” effect. Now they have a really smooth transition. Take a look to the picture.

As far as you probably know, Motionblur is disabled in v5.0.3, because when you move your mouse really quickly, you realize that a delay is present. And that’s not what I really want for my shaderpack. You know… buggy stuffs, unfinished features or really low FPS. That’s the same with Dirty Lens on torches, because for some people they were a bit disturbing. For example: You have a little tunnel with many torches, you see, that all the circles on the screen are permanently visible. So yeah, that’s why it is disabled now.

And again, I’ve changed the watercolor but at some perspectives, it looks so thick. I have to work arround a bit, because I’m still unhappy with the color/opacity.

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2 thoughts on “DEV 45

  1. On 5.0.3 – How do I A: disable waving stuff (using mods that add things that don’t wave) B: add new materials to the what-to-wave list (Maybe what counts as water as well)?