DEV 42

– Enabled shadow illumination -> It’s ready now for use 😉
– Higher fog distance -> Fog starts later as in the previous DEV
– Higher contrast
– Weaker anamorphic lens -> Because in my opinion it was to heavy
– Disabled now Intel HD Graphics fix -> I forgott it to disable it in the last DEV’s and that’s why the lens flare was truely invisible :p
– A bit darker watercolor -> At some perspectives, it was kinda overexposured

==> If you want to support/donate me, as a thank you, you will be able to download my Development Pack 🙂

Info! : Sorry for beein absent, but I’m really excited to work with Unreal Engine 4 and making my own game! And honestly it makes more fun for me! Because I have so many possibilities as in GLSL for Minecraft!

7 thoughts on “DEV 42

  1. Just wanted to say that at the start, I regretted a little supporting your shader packs. Although now, I absolutely prefer Kuda over Sonic Ether’s, over anything in fact. The saturation is not overdone, the blues were tamed, glowstones aren’t too orange and it runs faster than other shaders.

    My only gripe is that the shadows look a bit “blocky” as I can see individual blocks instead of a smooth gradient, but really that’s the only thing and it’s not even too big of an issue. Would like to see a little motion blur.
    >Just MY preference but hey that’s really it.

    Keep up the good work, I’ll click on the paypal again if my wishes come true. If it doesn’t I’ll nevertheless support Kuda until the very end.