DEV 39

In this DEV I disabled dynamic tonemapping, because it doesn’t even worked correctly with dynamic handlight. I have changed the water fog opacity, because it was to transparent and I have improved the lens flare when it fades of.

However, I’m currently super busy and probably I won’t be able to release any DEV in the next weeks… I need a break for this time.

BTW, I’m also working currently with Unreal Engine 4. I’m really excited to build my own levels! Maybe you will see some screenshots in a few weeks.

6 thoughts on “DEV 39

  1. I love this shader, its one of my favorites, but as a texture pack artist all my efforst to add normal and specular maps goes to waist, I ran the old 4.2 with bump map pack for a long time but it have the blinking blocks glitch you recently fixed post preview 2 of v5… can you make a bump map version of v5 or release a fix for the blinking missing tiles in 4.2 bumpmap? thank you a lot.