DEV 31

Again, another huge update.

– New lens flare
– Screen getting darker, when you look closer to the sun (Like a camera)
– Improved dyncamic tonemapping
– Darker shadows
– Added colors to dirty lens
– Changed torchlightcolor
– Changed horizon color at sunrise and sunset
– Brighter rain ambient
– And another small changes

If you had donated me, you can download my Development Pack here:



7 thoughts on “DEV 31

  1. I noticed that on this version the torch color was VERY pink, and too bright for my taste, So I changed it a bit for personal use.

    Before and after are in order, what do you think?

      1. float min_light = 0.000f;
        float torchDistance = 10.55f;

        vec3 torchcolor = vec3(2.5,0.9,0.4);

        This is in Composite.fsh starting at line 544 for people other than DeDelner.~

  2. Also, if you are at all interested DeDelner, I changed the WAVINGWATER to include a tessellation effect, similar to small waves you see in real water (Before and after in order, again) Sorry for the low quality, apparently there’s a file size limit.