Minecraft KUDA-Shaders v5 Official Teaser Trailer

Do you know what’s special about today, the 12th of January? 2 years ago today I released KUDA-Shaders to the world, so it’s time to celebrate! πŸ˜€

I’ve been busy working behind the scenes on KUDA-Shaders v5 and I thought today was a very good day to show it to the world! Take a look at this video The CaffCast made for us and you can see how great this new version is:

But wait, there’s more! Because KUDA-Shaders is 2 years old, because I have been developing for 2 years and because I have had 2 years to collect expereince; You can download the PREVIEW of KUDA-Shaders v5 right now! http://files.dedelner.net/index.php?dir=CUDA-Shaders/v5

It is incredible, what I have done inΒ  the last 2 years. At the beginning, I was just a single person, who modified/mixed shaderpacks just for fun. Then on the 12th January 2013, I uploaded my first shaderpack on minecraft.de and then 1 year later (also on January), I uploaded my shaderpacks on minecraftforum.net! Now it’s my job, to work on the KUDA-Shaders, learning more about GLSL and listen to all of your amazing feedback. My shaderpack is not only for me, it is for all of you!

This is why it is important for me, that I get your feedback. You probably don’t know, but I still working on my old Notebook from 2009 with a NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT. This is a pretty old graphic card. And I didn’t run every shaderpack smooth or get stable 40 FPS in window mode! So that’s why the KUDA-Shaders are optimized for older graphic cards, because I work myself on an old card πŸ˜› But my notebook is gonna to die. The display is broken, speakers are broken, microphone is broken. And I have to pay 160 Euros for a new notebook display with only 1366×768! And I said no, I buying now a new, good monitor with FullHD for only 130 Euros. And it was only possible, because you supported me, by just downloading my shaderpacks! I saved the money for a long time and then finally I bought a new monitor. It was a completely new experience to work on FullHD πŸ˜€

At this moment, I’m saving the money for a new PC, becasue my notebook is acutally gonna to die… That’s why it is still incredible, that all of you still downloading my shaderpacks. And that supports me a lot! And a huuuuge thank you to Chocapic13 and Karyonix, for making all this possible. Honestly I have to say, I love all of you! πŸ™‚ Thank you SO MUCH for these awesome 2 years and supporting me, here’s to another two fantastic years!