If have some bad news

My notebook doesn’t allowed me to work with GLSL anymore at this moment, because it chrashes everytime after 10 minutes :'( If this happens also in the next days, then I have to pause until I have my new PC 🙁

So I would be happy, if you share my shaderpack or my CPU-D mobitoring tool, because that helps me alot!

I mean look at the GPU temperature, when I work with GLSL or any other 3D program…


Anyways, here is a guy, who also creates shaders: https://www.facebook.com/EdiZocktletsplay

2 thoughts on “If have some bad news

  1. GPU Load bei 60 % und 104°C Cpu temp. ? komisch…. Ich krieg maximal 70 ° bei überladener GPU…. da muss was nicht stimmen, liegt sicher nicht an deinem laptop, schau mal ob vl ein lüfter blockiert ist, oder so…