Developing break + DEV 27

Hey guys, please read this post, before you ask, why no more updates are coming in the next days/weeks.

Well, I havn’t really much time right now and it’s really hard for me at this moment, to work further on the KUDA-Shaders and answer (I’m trying) every comment/post on my facebooke page, and After I updated or uploaded a new DEV of the KUDA-Shaders, I havn’t really much time left for my self.

So I need a break, until I have enough time for developing and to answer evry comment/post. Please consider it, ok? 🙂

Alright, here is the latest DEV (27):

– Improved clouds
– Imrproved watercolor
– Enabled water reflections (I forgott to re enable it :p)
– Stronger dirty lens by looking at the sun.

If you had donated me, you can download it here:


3 thoughts on “Developing break + DEV 27

  1. Please, I NEED HELP!
    I would like to edit WETNESS ON BLOCKS WHEN IT RAINS.
    So can you say, which file in the “shaders” folder I should use?

      1. And how did you edited it when you have been creating this shader version? Because it is very difficult to understand, what should I edit. I am not shaders creator, so I have no idea how to do it