CUDA Shaders v4.2 released!


I worked for months on the v4, so I need a break about. So that means, no  more developments pack are coming at the moment. I released now the v4.2, because I hadn’t any ideas or improvements .Also you wanted to download my older shaderpacks, so now you can do it! I trying to finish my CPU-D monitoring tool and then.. we will see what’s comijng next time 🙂


– Disabled clouds
– Disabled DOF
– Lower shadow resolution
– New torchligth color
– Lower torchlight brightness
– Improved torchlight system
– Added dirty lens
– Added volumetric fog
– Added surface scattering
– Improved sky
– New sunlight color
– New shadow color
– New sky colors
– Improved lens
– Biomes O’ Plenty compatible

20 thoughts on “CUDA Shaders v4.2 released!

  1. Oh my freaking god, this is awesome.
    Best shaderpack I ever seen.
    You are the best.
    Also I think I’m gonna make a vid, how can I contact you when I’m done? 🙂

  2. Report a bug:
    I’m using the Millenaire mod, the road blocks of this mod get jelly-like now, but it’s fine in v4.1…

    Anyway, CUDA is the best shaderpack I’ve seen!
    P.S. I think it’s a little dark in a room with windows in daylight…

  3. I was wondering these things:
    1. If you could make a version with dof and/or higher shadow resolutions and without motion blur
    2. Even though this shader pack has lots of features meant to optimise it, it still runs at only 13fps whereas 4.1 ultra ran at 20-30 while recording (and my laptop is not spectacular)

  4. I was wondering these things:
    1. If you could make a version with dof and/or higher shadow resolutions and without motion blur
    2. The directional shadows are there, but for some reason regular Mincraft’s 90degree shadows are still present and it looks really weird. Is there a way to fix that

  5. need help, i have tried installing many shader packs but none is working for me…
    I dont know what i the problem.
    I use GLSL-Shaders-Mod-1.7.10
    i copied the contents of CUDA shaders ultra 4.2 into the shaderpacks folder in minecraft
    i hve selected the shaders in the game but nothing happens…
    There is no change in the looking of the game
    my pc specs: (just in-case needed)
    i7-2600 CPU 3.4 Ghz
    Graphic cardl; Nvidia geforce gtx 650 (latest drivers)
    Windows 7 64 bit

  6. Seem to be having troubles getting this to work properly. It’s not the only one, I’m on MC 1.6.4, Mr_Meep_x3s’s shaders are the only ones to give me proper light/shadow, water & reflections, even bloom. All the others, including this one, give me clear (rather, invisible) water, and waving grass, while still destroying my framerate. I’m using a GTX 850M, 344.75 drivers, forced nVidia card to see if maybe the integrated card was handling it but it’s not. I did notice your shaders had the best performance so I want to see if it looks as good.

  7. Using CUDA basic 4.2 i got low 35, med 45, high 60, max 300 fps. I think this is world record getting more than 20fps with shader on >>Intel HD 4000<< ! 😀 So yea, best shaderpack.

  8. Love the shaderpack. Fixed all the graphic issues I was having with water. Andesite was a little funny in 1.8. It was waving around like grass or trees.