CUDA Shaders v4.1 released!

Surprise! 🙂 It took me 10 hours to prepare the release and I’m finally done! Now I’m a little bit tired x)


This changelog is one of the biggest onces of the CUDA Shaders!

CUDA Shaders v4.1Changelog:
– Clouds added (At midnight when you look into the moon, there is a volumetric zone)
– Added fog (At the morning and midnight is it foggier as at the noon and sunset)
– Added distance blur
– New skycolors
– Added SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)
– Lower DOF strength
– New water colors
– AMD compatible (Not 100 % sure)
– New water surface
– New water refract/waves
– Added waving water
– New lens flare
– Added anamorphic lens
– Changed waving grass
– Improved water reflections
– Better rain ambient
– New sunlight colors
– New shadow colors (Not a strong bluetint)
– New godray colors
– New color filter (With saturation)
– Caves are pitch black for a better experience at mining
– Improved torchlight
– Higher torchlight range
– Improved dynamic handlight
– New torchlight color
– Smoother shadows
– Bug fixed (Motionblur at rain)
– Removed refract underwater
– User can now disable a function (But not the strength value)
– Cel shading can be enabled
– Added better sun
– Added parallax, bump and specular mapping in an extra Ultra version
– Added a Basic version for low end
– Changed the Lite version.


16 thoughts on “CUDA Shaders v4.1 released!

  1. This is amazing the best shader I have ever seen however can you make a version without clouds or show me how to disable them I dislike them. I tried to put a // in the composite before define clouds but now when I activate the pack everything is black please help.

  2. I’m really liking these shaders. They soften up the terrain and give it a more natural feeling. Really nice. However, I do have a couple points:

    – As mentioned in a lot of other places, the water is too transparent, and you can see through it even at very low depths.

    – Waving water and grass/trees: Is there a way to make this apply globally to modded liquids and trees as well? I’d love to have these effects applied to mods like Natura and Biomes o Plenty, and have things like Oil, Fuel, Redstone etc have the same appearance as the water.

    Those two features would pretty much complete these shaders for me. Having said that. I really like them, much more than every other shader pack I’ve tried. You’ve put hard work into this and it’s just amazing.

      1. I can understand, but when i make it darker, it looks like liquid plastic, that reflect everything. The only solution is water depth, but i don’t know how I write this.

        1. Did you ever see Sonics unbelievable shaders water? it reflects and you can’t see through it unless you get closer to the water, you can’t do that?? right? and the torches can you make them look like sonics unbelievable shaders lighting i really love sues but i have a mac and can’t use sues i thought maybe this would be a shader that is similar to sues 🙁 @DeDelner:disqus

        2. i REALLY like the colours in your dev21 shader 🙂 Less blueish, less blueish when its dark. Also i see clouds now 🙂 You could make the torches and glowstone have a sort of hazel around them, making them more glowish 🙂

  3. DeDeiner, if you’re reading this, can you change the torch lighting? to Sonics unbelievable shaders lighting? I really like the sues torches and glowstone lighting 😀

  4. I was so amazed when I tried this shaders after other shaderpacks – completely dark caves, stunning nights, everything looks awesome But after some time playing with this shaders first time in my life I felt pain in my eyes. DoF is incredibly strong, it is killing my eyes. So, unfortunately I had to switch back to another shaders. Would love to see reduced DoF in future so I could use this pack again.

  5. What is the recommended graphics card I have a AMD A8 5600k proccesor so I am pretty sure that is perfectly fine, but what Graphic cards do I need to run the Ultra Version on highest setting, normal highest setting not optifine’s ones.

    1. i had a laptop in the summer of 2014 Amd a( quad core 8gb with Radeon HD 7640G. i had about 20 fps with it. (no mods other than shadermod and optifine) Now i have i7 8 core with Nvidia gtx285 (which isnt really new anymore). I now have over 60fps running Ultra with max fps, max view distance and fancy graphics on. The Gtx 285 only supports Cuda so i guess thats why. Im going to get myself GTX 750TI which is if you watch YT very good GPU card. I do believe the Cpu has alot to say when it comes to fps.

      1. The CUDA-Shaders have nothing to do with NVIDIA’s CUDA Cores. To run with the CUDA-Shaders v4.2 Ultra with highest settings, I would recommned a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti or an AMD Radeon R9 270x or a stronger card like the GTX 770 or R9 280x.