Dynamic weather

I had the idea, to add dynamic weather for my shaderpacks. So it can be sunny, foggy and cloudy. (Rain controls only Minecraft :/ ) It sounds good, right? But I don’t know, if you like it. So I didn’t tried it out yet. I could make an extra Ultra version with dynamic weather. In Medium the clouds and in Lite the fog is missing, so I can add it only in the Ultra version.
What’s your opinion?

8 thoughts on “Dynamic weather

  1. Hey! I’ve just stumbled upon your shaders/site and am quite impressed! Would you care explaining who you are and in which aspects your shaders differ from SEUS? I’m running your Lite version now, as it’s the only version I can run in Fullscreen (3200*1600) with decent (30) FPS. SEUS and your medium and ultra version both lag hellish :D. How long are you already working on this project? I’ve got so many questions 😀

  2. The “Dynamic Weather” don’t will work for ShaderPacks i think. Or is it possible with shader to manage the Weather somehow? I mean it isn’t so i dont think that you make it. You can make a mod for it, but there is a mod already….

    1. It’s dynamic. So the clouds going bigger sometimes, the sunlight goes away and the fog would stronger. I can also put a really little rain animation, where the ground goes wet. Not a full rain animtion, because the sound is missing.

      1. No, i think you mean, that the rain is in one chunk and then, almost the next Chunk it doesn’t rain anymore. That isn’t possible with shader, right?

  3. Sorry, but I can’t so good English! Könntest du vllt. das Dynamische Wetter auch in der Medium- Version einfügen? Denn DoF stört mich ins besonderen bei der Ultra-Version. Wär echt Nett! Oder man trennt die Medium- Version von einander: eine Standart Medium- Version und eine Medium + -Version in der das Dynamische Wetter beinhaltet ist. Ich wär über eine Antwort sehr Dankbar. 🙂