DEV 11:

Added Tilt Shift but disabled and disabled DOF and Bloom for higher FPS. Also fixed, that the godrays dissapears when the sun is one of the edges of the screen.... Read More


How about a configurator? The CUDA shaders are integrated and you can optimize it how ever you want. Also ingame, but you have to select the CUDA Shaders again in the menu to refresh. You can save it ... Read More

DEV 9:

Improved color filter, new skycolor, shadow filter is compatible with global illumination and fixed water refractions stucks on the camera position (Player eye).... Read More

DEV 7:

Improved night, clouds, rain, torchlight and added bloom. Currently when it rains at night, it looks like in daytime 😀 I would say, in the final version of v5, Ultra is Ultra. So it stands for qual... Read More